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CPF for Foreigners

The CPF, or Individual Taxpayer Registry, is a tax identification document for individuals residing or having businesses in the country. It is used in financial transactions such as opening bank accounts, buying and selling properties and vehicles, contracting private and public services such as the SUS (Unified Health System), enrolling in educational institutions, etc. Furthermore, the CPF is required in income tax returns and is essential for citizens to exercise their rights and fulfill their tax obligations with the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.

The CPF is a mandatory document for the regularization of foreign people in Brazil and they can be in Brazil or in their country of origin to request it.

Necessary documents

Despachatur will be able to provide the aforementioned document, and for this it will be necessary:

  • Photo of pages 2 and 3 of the passport
  • Selfie holding passport
  • Identity document/birth certificate

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