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What is Despachatur and Excellent Care?

It consists of the merger of two companies, Despachatur with 50 years in the market and a national and international reference in the segment of visas, citizenship and migration processes and Excellent Care with 12 years in the market, specialized in providing national and international advice, with direct contacts in Chinese soil, Excellent Care and Despachatur finds your ideal product, with unbeatable manufacturing value and unquestionable quality.

We carry out the entire market feasibility study, brands, factories, best prices, we have a first-class customs service where the entire process and delivery of your merchandise will be carried out.

Why import from China?

There are several reasons that make it viable to import from China, among them we can highlight the low production costs, strict quality control during the production process, state-of-the-art equipment, speed, etc. Therefore, those who buy from China have extremely high-quality products in their hands, at a reduced price and in record time.

Get ahead!

By common means, the most innovative products on the market can take up to a year from their launch to arriving on Brazilian soil. With Excellent Business you have access to all new products on the market directly from Canton Fair. This Fair has been held every year since 1957 and is the largest, oldest and most representative business fair in China. The Canton Fair has three stages and is held twice a year, in autumn and spring.