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Despachatur offers priority services and exclusive advice for partner companies, as well as special plans for tourism agencies.
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Migration to Brazil, entry and stay of foreigners in Brazil

A visa may be necessary for a certain nationality, whether for tourism or business, as well as a residence permit for the migrant.

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• Tourism
• Business

Residence Permits

We highlight the work of legalization and permanence of foreigners in Brazil, offering efficient consultancy to foreigners of any nationality who need to be, temporarily or permanently, in a regular situation in Brazilian territory. In addition to legal advice for different services.

• Mercosur Agreement
• Professional Training
• Retirees and/or Pensioners due to death
• Artists or sportspeople
• Technical assistance
• Employment Contract
• Internship
• Student
• Investor
• Real Estate Investment
• Professor and/or Researcher
• Family meeting
• Technology transfer