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Despachatur 50 YEARS

The international migratory movement has always been present at all times and in the most varied circumstances.

Despachatur is a company that acts as an intermediary in consular visa applications. A pioneer in the Minas Gerais market, it began its activities in 1974. Over these 50 years, Despachatur has been providing assistance regarding the documentation required for the entry of Brazilians and citizens of other nationalities traveling abroad.

It offers consular visa services at Embassies and Consulates in the most diverse categories, tourism, business, studies, work and others.

The company has a wide team of specialized consultants to minimize risks and problems when applying for consular visas of all categories, migratory and non-migratory and for new citizenships.

We highlight the work of legalization and permanence of foreigners in Brazil and Brazilians abroad, offering efficient legal consultancy for nationals traveling abroad and foreigners of any nationality who need to be, temporarily or permanently, in a regular situation in Brazilian territory. .

Our notorious commitment and ethical work when dealing with customers, Embassies and Consulates is the company's great differentiator, which has earned the trust of the main tourism agencies, companies, the general public and government bodies.

Official representative of Consulates

For almost 10 years, Despachatur was the representative in Minas Gerais of the United States Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, responsible for forwarding visa applications from residents of the State of Minas Gerais to the Consulate.

It was also the only private company accredited by the Canadian Consulate in São Paulo to handle visas in Minas Gerais.

Despachatur 50 anos

Despachatur, with 50 years of excellence, offers a comprehensive range of services to facilitate your journey. In our renowned office, we provide the issuance of passports, speed up visa processes of all categories, for Brazilians and foreigners, on national soil and abroad, legal advice on migration and citizenship processes, advice on Mercosur agreements, we provide comprehensive insurance travel, in addition to essential services such as document translation and legalization, among others. Today, Despachatur is synonymous with trust and efficiency. Come visit us and count on Despachatur’s expertise to make your plans a reality.

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Despachatur stands out in the region for its remarkable experience and unwavering commitment throughout its 50 YEARS of operation. Our office is a reference point for those looking for high quality and efficient services in the process of issuing Passports, visas, travel insurance, and a comprehensive range of other related services.

Our long history in the market has provided us with a deep understanding of customer needs, allowing us to offer personalized and agile solutions. The Despachatur team is made up of highly trained professionals, dedicated to simplifying and speeding up each step of the process, providing an unparalleled experience.

Commitment to excellence is at the core of Despachatur. Over the past 50 YEARS, we have consolidated our reputation as industry leaders thanks to our active and proactive approach to solving customer demands. We don't just meet requirements, we constantly look for ways to exceed expectations.

 We believe that this longevity and dedication speaks for itself, putting us ahead of other forwarding companies in the region.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and effective partnership for your travel document needs, Despachatur is the obvious choice. Come and be part of our 50 YEAR success story and experience the difference that only a leading company can offer. Trust Despachatur to make your journey smoother and worry-free.

Also discover our other services: Visas, Document Legalization It is Travel insurance.