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México Visto de Negócios

The Mexican visa is an entry permit for citizens who intend to visit Mexico, whether for the purpose of tourism, a work, study or business visa, to stay in the country legally.


Remember that it is the applicant's responsibility to present their complete documentation on the day of their appointment, including all photocopies (xerox) for each person. All people, including children, must present complete documents.


Present an invitation letter from the Mexican company with which you will do business.


In the case of minors, both parents must accompany the person to the consulate to apply for a visa. If one of them is not there, they must present a power of attorney at a notary's office expressly authorizing the Consulate to carry out the visa processing OR the original and a copy of the sentence granting full custody to the accompanying father/mother OR the death certificate of the absent father/mother ; If these documents are issued in other countries, they must be apostilled and translated by a sworn translator if they are languages other than Portuguese, Spanish or English.


  1. Visa form (filled out on both sides, on a single page) with recent photograph, 3×4 in color and white background;
  2. Original and copy of the current passport (in the case of minors, a copy of the parents' current passport or official identification may also be requested);
  3. Accredit legal residence, if the person does not have Brazilian nationality (copy of their resident card or entry stamp to Brazil in their passport);

4. Payment equivalent to $51 dollars, paid in BRAZILIAN REALS via PIX. The PIX key will be delivered at the time of processing. Remember that paying for the procedure does NOT guarantee approval of the visa.

In this country, Brazilians need an entry visa

México - Visto de Turismo e Negócios

Process costs for
México Visto de Negócios



Process steps for
México Visto de Negócios

Payment of fees

Each visa category requires a payment amount for the consular fee, biometrics and Despachatur assistance. We will help you identify the correct category for your trip.

Filling out the forms

The forms are specific according to the purpose of the trip. We will fill out the official forms required by the consulate.


We will assist you, depending on your socioeconomic profile in Brazil, in the list of documents necessary to present to the consulate, covering the period of stay and intended reason for travel.

Collecting your passport from the consulate and returning it

After submitting the documents to one of the visa application centers, the documentation will be delivered to the consulate. We will monitor it daily and, if there is a consular requirement, we will report it to the applicant. At the end of the process, we will collect your passport and return it to our office in Belo Horizonte.

Despachatur consultancy for
México Visto de Negócios

01 – Application of the visa application in the consular system;

02 – Payment of the consular fee, using the customer’s credit card details;

03 – Filling out an electronic form;

04 – Document analysis;

05 – Personalized support for our customers;

06 – Direct communication with the Consulate, if necessary;

07 – Personalized advice for each type of visa;

08 – Legal advice for drafting documents;

09 – Monitoring the consular analysis until delivery of the passport with visa.

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